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Is the Grass Greener?

Most recruiters in Colorado will tell you that their phones are ringing off the hook with candidates who are eager to find new opportunities. The callers aren’t necessarily unemployed – many are superstars who feel that their companies have lost focus, nerve, and the ability to lead as they retrenched during the […]

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Remote On-boarding

From the minute a new employee accepts an offer, they are evaluating whether they made the right career choice. Believe it or not, having a solid on-boarding strategy for your new employee, especially those will start off in a remote capacity, can significantly increase employee retention, as well as directly impact productivity.

How can you create […]

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Important Reference Check Questions

Checking references should be a key part of learning more and digging deeper into a new potential employee. After all, this is someone you may spend more time with than your own family!

Here are 10 critical questions to ask during reference checks:


  1. “How would you describe the candidate’s ability to {innovate, manage, lead, deal with […]
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10 Best Interview Questions

While these general questions can be a good jumping off point, we find the best interview questions are specifically tailored for the position you are hiring.

If you would like assistance crafting questions to help assess a candidate’s fit for a specific role, give us a call!


The 10 best interview questions […]

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Top 10 Hiring Mistakes

Experience Factor has helped hundreds of companies hire thousands of candidates.  We’ve learned many lessons along the way and understand how detrimental it can be to make simple mistakes during the hiring process. 

Here are the top 10 mistakes we help our clients avoid:   

1. Not creating and posting job descriptions that are […]

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