The hiring process is, in a way, like dating. Both company and candidate are determining if they are a good fit. Organizations hope to find strong talent that fits the culture and will work well with existing teams. Candidates are looking for growth opportunities in a friendly environment that encourages development of skills. The initial interaction between an organization and prospective talent sets the foundation for the entire relationship.

Attracting ideal candidates begins before the interview- with the job posting. Consider the appropriate place to post the job to get the desired response. While highlighting the best elements of the opportunity is important, make sure the description is accurate. It should be clear, concise, and detailed. The post should not only sell the position, but also illuminate what makes the overall organizational culture appealing.

Be friendly and personable when interviewing candidates. No one wants to be interrogated. Instead, the interview should feel like a conscious conversation between professionals. Prepare for interviews by creating well thought-out questions tailored to individual candidates. Ideally, the candidate will do most of the talking. Aim for a punctual start, and allocate plenty of time for each interview to ensure candidates feel respected and have a positive experience.

Once top talent is discovered, guarantee the hire by focusing on important attributes to job seekers. Studies show are looking for a better salary, increased work/life balance, or advancement opportunities. A more impressive title or increased pay don’t make up for a poor culture. Many employees would change positions for the same salary if it came with better growth opportunities.

Share what makes the organization’s culture special. Talk about daily team lunches, fun Friday activities, and unique perks on social media and in conversations with everyone you know. This can attract well-suited candidates even better than on-line job posting.

The way in which an organization presents itself throughout the hiring process is very important. It can seriously affect the company name, as well as the tenure of new and existing team members. Once the best fit for an opportunity is found, be sure to personally reach out and professionally inform all remaining applicants. This will ensure those not selected are left with a positive experience.