Job seekers in Colorado have more options than ever; there is no denying that we have come into a candidate’s market. This makes hiring more competitive and challenging. Top contenders likely have several job offers on the table. How do you make sure yours is the one accepted?

Before extending an offer to the ideal applicant, consider what motivates them. Each job seeker has specific needs and desires, such as flexible hours, work-from-home options, or benefit requirements. Present more than a job description and start date. Sell them on your team, the position, and the company.

Co-workers are often a deciding factor in whether people stay or leave an organization. Believe it or not, most of us spend more time with officemates than family during the week. Introducing candidates in their last round of interviews to the team they’re joining can make the difference between an offer’s acceptance or rejection. If an in-person meeting isn’t an option, sharing photos, printed LinkedIn profiles, or team success stories will also feel like a warm team welcome.

Finally, ask the question, “What else do you need to make an informed decision? This will open up a discussion on the opportunity and the offer and make the candidate feel that they are part of the process. Answer questions honestly and encourage the candidate to picture themselves in the new position.

Full disclosure of the company’s values, expectations for the role, and the team culture can make all the difference. Highlight benefits and perks, especially if they have other offers or a counteroffer to consider, but remember that the hire should be a good fit long term.