We know the world is shifting – but work must get done.


  Experience Factor is shifting too, and we are currently offering our recruiting services to our clients in unique ways to help your organization win, while we wait.


We find the talent you need – Direct Hire or on Contract:

Accounting and Finance, HR, Customer Success, Administration, Operations, Marketing, and more!


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How can we help?


Hourly Recruiting for Temporary staff

We have candidates available who can work on-premise, and others that have the ability to work from home. Full background checks can be completed on any candidate.

Hourly Recruiting Services

Need some extra help getting your jobs filled? We have a team of experienced recruiters ready to help you get them filled in a fast and cost-effective way.

Flexible Payment Terms

Timing is everything… Need Talent now, but strapped for cash? We are happy to partner with you to create a payment schedule that will work for your organization.

Flat Fee Placements

We know you are tightening your belt, and so are we! Rather than calculating our fees from a percentage of annual salary, we can offer flat fees for direct hire positions so you know the total cost up front.

Payroll Services

If you have candidates but can’t put them on your payroll for budget (or other related) reasons, Experience Factor has a full back-office payroll system and can serve as the employer of record.

Recruitment Consulting

If you believe your recruiting process needs to be enhanced or overhauled, or your internal recruiting team needs training, put our expertise to work so your teams hire better every time.


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