Is the Grass Greener?

Most recruiters in Colorado will tell you that their phones are ringing off the hook with candidates who are eager to find new opportunities. The callers aren’t necessarily unemployed – many are superstars who feel that their companies have lost focus, nerve, and the ability to lead as they retrenched during the downturn.

In many cases, these workers believe they have stayed focused and worked hard during bad times and, frankly, don’t feel appreciated. Take note! Your top talent might be seeking opportunities where they perceive the grass is greener.


Turnover Hurts

Management and human resource professionals know this: turnover, especially in key positions, can be extremely costly. Check yourself if you secretly believe that, because unemployment figures are high, your employees should be happy “just to have a job” with your organization.  If this is your mindset, trouble lies ahead. Remember, for people with a college degree and more than five years of experience, the unemployment number in Colorado was less than 3% just 6 short months ago.


Ramping Back Up

Like many companies, you may have had to make tough decisions when the city (and possibly your business) shut down. Furloughs, reduced pay and/or benefits, longer hours, and lay-offs were common across all industries. As things bounce back, consider thinking about ways to reward those who have stayed in the boat with you during these tough months.


Show the Love

It’s time to take care of your team members who have helped you weather the storm.  Here are some ideas:

  • Spend time thinking about your current employees and what would benefit each of them individually.
    • Are they checking emails around the clock? Do they need additional guidance from you as they adjust to a remote workplace? Have you discussed their plans, vision, and goals? Keep them engaged and show you care – they’ll be less likely to leave.
  • Take time to celebrate successes as a team.
  • Consider potential promotion opportunities.
    • Do you have a few people who are putting in their all, keeping the boat afloat, and taking on any project that comes their way? Are there ways to raise these individuals up, either with new responsibilities, promotions, or more money? Don’t wait! Put plans in place to reward individuals – even if the monetary part comes later.
  • Use this time to give back.
    • One company we work with asks employees to submit team volunteer opportunity nominations. After discussing the options, a vote is taken and the group commits to a day in the community. There are many organizations that could use your team’s expertise and time. Giving back to others refills our own sense of what’s important and can reinvigorate your team. Yes, there are ways to volunteer and still be safe.
  • Lighten the load.
    • Sometimes, adding contract staff for particular projects or tasks can save your permanent employees a lot of stress. While team members often adapt to handle an increased workload, there